Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review

In the past few of years, I have used a few different printers for my various printing projects. In my experience, a good printer is that which can perform its functions fully and serve you for a long period of time without any major issues. Among the many printers I’ve used, the Canon MF733Cdw is a standout.

This a great printer for anyone who wants a dedicated machine that is completely reliable and has great performance overall. The outlook of the printer is great, and the hardware design is even better. The printer was even selected as one of the best color multi-function printers in 2018.

This laser color printer works better in small workgroups and thus can be a very useful asset in the office. I would not recommend it for commercial purposes since it is not meant for heavy workloads. It comes with an interactive display system that gives you a better view of all the actions you are commanding. In this Canon MF733Cdw review I will take you through some of its features, its pros and cons so that you may see if it best suits what you would want in a printer.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review Joe's Printer Buying Guide best printer reviews 2019 best printer reviews and ratings 2019

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Fast Production System

This is one of the features that I found very interesting about the Canon MF733Cdw. In an office setup, this printer can produce up to 28 pages per minute. This will go a long way toward serving everyone without any problems. The first prints will be ejected within few seconds.

Mobile Printing Capabilities.

This printer has amazing connectivity features. The Canon MF733Cdw color printer will not just limit you to laptops and desktops for printing. This is because it comes with mobile printing capabilities. It is fitted with Wi-Fi direct which will enable you to connect your mobile phone and initiate printing without the need of a router. To make sure that it supports different mobile interfaces, it has Apple Air Print for iPhone and iPads, and Google Cloud Print for Android smartphones. All you need to do is connect your phone with the printer and initiate the printing process.

High Capacity Toner

The Canon MF733Cdw has multiple high-capacity options for toner. Canon’s signature toner enables this printer to produce high-quality color prints. Like most laser printers, it uses black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges. These high-quality prints will be very good in an office setup. Both clients and staff will be more than glad to have well-printed documents that are visible and detailed.

Comes with a single pass duplex.

 If you have used various older printers like I have, you will notice that if you want to print both sides of the paper, it will have to go twice through the system. But, with the Canon MF733Cdw printer, the paper only need a single pass, and all sides will be printed. This will save you time, which, for a business, means saving money as well.


Easy Setup

No one likes a printer that is hard to set up. Trust me, the last thing you want from a printer is to encounter some difficulty in setting up various things. This is one of the reasons why you will be glad to have this Canon laser color printer. Thanks to the very interactive and responsive display, the printer is very easy to set up and use. You don’t to be a printer guru like me to manage Canon MF733Cdw. Anyone who has handles any printer before will find that this to be a walkover.

Great Print Quality

I really love quality prints. If it is an image, I like it to have all the details that the picture has. I get discouraged when a printer can only give out the major image on the picture. If that is also what you want when it comes to print quality. Then Canon MF733Cdw printer will amaze you. The printer produces incredible black/white and color prints. You get exactly what you want without the worry of ending up with an image that is not clear. The black and white prints are also crispy clear and visible.

Good Scanner

Whenever I place a document on the flatbed of a new printer, I am always curious to see what quality my can will be. Also, I do mind waiting for so many minutes before my scan is completed. I noticed that with this printer, the process is much more swift than most of the printers that I have come across. The image produced is very clear and detailed. This is because of it replicates exactly what’s on the document to the screen.

Energy Efficient

I don’t see the need of purchasing a printer whose power consumption will make me end up spending more on electricity bills in the long run. This is why I would recommend the Canon MF733Cdw printer. The power consumption of the printer is good compared to a printer with similar capabilities. It only consumes 520watts when functioning, 20.6watts when on standby and only 1watt on sleep mode. These numbers are good compared to other printers that are of the same rank. 

Blazing Fast

This is a printer I would totally enjoy using because of its printing peed. The printer can manage to produce 28 pages in a minute. The first few pages are ejected in a matter of seconds. This shows how incredible it is for moderate functionalities. You won’t have to wait endlessly for one person to finish printing before you can proceed. 

Business Class Durability

 Whenever I find a printer with a prolonged warranty period, then I am always easily convinced that it is durable. After all, if it breaks down within the warranty period and it is something that is covered by the warranty, I won’t have to stress myself. This also shows that under the right circumstances, the machine can be able to last for quite a long period of time. That is why it comes with 3years warranty. This warranty acts as an assurance of its durability. Personally, I think it can outlast many contemporary printers.

Easily Compatible

For those who hate being limited by a printer, you have this printer to thank. The printer won’t tie you down to one operating system. There are several operating systems that Canon MF733Cdw printer can sync with. These range from Apple Mac OS or any other latest version to Windows Vista. 

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review Joe's Printer Buying Guide best printer reviews 2019 best printer reviews and ratings 2019


It’s Bulky

I like my printers stationed at one position so that I can minimize the chances of meaningless accidents. But then with this printer, I will have to think twice whenever I want to switch its position. This s not something that I prefer. It also occupies too much space, unlike other printers. This is one of the caveats that I might pause before purchasing it.

It’s Loud

I am sure no one wants a loud printer. I find the printer noise to be very irritating. Why do I need to put up with a loud machine while I have the option of getting a quiet one? This is one of those crucial elements the manufacturers would have thought of in the first place. 

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Review Joe's Printer Buying Guide best printer reviews 2019 best printer reviews and ratings 2019

Verdict – Canon Color imageClass MF733Cdw Rating – 3/5

According to this Canon MF733Cdw review, the features are great, and the functionality is amazing. Personally, I am intrigued by the speed of the printer, the quality of prints and its durability. These three features are very convincing. You will also notice according to the features on this Canon MF733Cdw review, the printer can only work well in an office setup, at home it will be underworked, and for commercial purposes, it will be overworked. With all these put into consideration, I would award it 3/5 stars. It has lost most of its marks on the loudness and its bulkiness.

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  1. Very displeased with this printer… it always requires more setting changes than it does to use it.
    10 times as much time spent adjusting settings as printing.

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